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RT @IgboHistoFacts: Meet, Cynthia Onwuchuruba The Mathematician who teaches dropout kids Mathematics in Igbo language and Pidgin English.…

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Meet, Cynthia Onwuchuruba

The Mathematician who teaches dropout kids Mathematics in Igbo language and Pidgin English. She make sure that every kid get education no matter their background. Cynthia is a first-class mathematics graduate from UniZik.

Let's Retweet to celebrate her pic.twitter.com/1hMipSUVwu

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12 days ago
This woman is awesome.
Manchester, England
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Content Creation is About to Go Crazy

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From: Till Musshoff
Duration: 6:55

Dall-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney are just the beginning. Text to image generation has drastically improved over the last year and it's time to peak into text to video generation next. We cover the fear of artists being replaced by machines as well as the opportunities that arise for content creators through AI technology.

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bPGTill
My Discord server: https://discord.gg/e5KXwadq4s
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tillmusshoff/

Credits for the first Midjourney Images:
- Bunny: pickersberry
- Bob Ross x Muppet: deadlee
- Cyberpunk Cat: MichaelDGognon

Creativiy, Der Gigi: https://dergigi.com/2022/09/25/creativity/

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52 days ago
This is so good.
Manchester, England
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From: Emily Breeze
Duration: 3:45

Emily Breeze single "Ordinary Life” available now on all digital platforms

Link to buy/stream/follow - https://linktr.ee/emilybreeze

Animator - Ben Faircloth - instagram.com/benfairclothart

Edited by - Jon Davey - jondavey.com


Ordinary Life

Back then rent was cheap in the wrong parts of town
You could walk into almost any place and get a cash in hand job
I was a terrible waitress
And an even worse singer
But I didn't care, I just knew
Something bigger, brighter, better was on its way
Someone was gonna spot me walking down Stokes Croft and say
Hey kid, I’m gonna make you a star
And whisk me away into my glittering future
Twenty years later, I’m still waiting
But do you know what?

There's nothing wrong with an ordinary life

We had widescreen, high definition surround sound love affairs
And low budget B movie one night stands
Somehow it was always the end of the summer
And we dragged ourselves through the streets at dawn
To our days jobs and dole office appointments
Fueled on weapons grade hope and uncut dreams
And the days went by, and the days went by
And the days went by like strobe lights

There's nothing wrong with an ordinary life

One day you will find yourself at a friends 40th birthday party
Wondering how the days turned into decades and if anyone still does drugs
And you will dance, dance off the minutes and the moments
And magic and the misery and the miracles and monotony
As you unfurl into infinity among the solar systems and galaxies
A dopamine driven pinball machine studded with hair and nails and teeth
Hard wired with desire and fear and dreams hosted by the ghost of a memory
of a memory, of a memory, of a memory of a memory

There's nothing wrong with an ordinary life

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65 days ago
My favourite artist.
Manchester, England
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157 days ago
Manchester, England
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British breakdancers ready for chance to compete at Paris Olympics

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FOR Britain’s best breakdancers, the chance to compete at the Paris Olympics in 2024 remains a “bonkers” and somewhat divisive prospect.

The welcome opportunity to shed their stereotypical image as descendants of the 1980s New York street scene is balanced by commercial and funding concerns that some fear threatens the authenticity of what they uncomfortably acknowledge as a “sport.”

Breakdancing — or “breaking” as it will be known in Olympic parlance — was officially elevated to the Paris programme in late 2020 after its hugely successful debut at the 2018 Youth Olympics.

UK Sport is yet to allocate funding following the recent inauguration of Breaking GB as the body responsible for the sport in this country, but its leading protagonists hope to stake their claims at the UK B-Boy Championships on Saturday night in Kentish Town.

Olympic inclusion has already paid dividends for Derby’s Kid Karam, who last year became the first breakdancer to sign a sponsorship deal with Nike, and has modelled for fashion brands including Fendi.

“My aims and goals have always been to be the best in the world and there’s no much bigger than going to the Olympics and getting a medal — it’s a great opportunity to take breaking to the next level,” Karam told the PA news agency.

“At the start there was a lot of uproar about the Olympics because people didn’t want the rawness of what we are doing to be diluted, they didn’t want to lose that underground scene and for it to become too commercialised.

“But as time has progressed it’s not like we’ve had to make massive changes. Seeing how well it did at the Youth Olympics, I think people are getting over it and there’s not so much opposition.”

Karam — real name Karam Singh — started breakdancing after watching a demonstration at a local fair. In 2008, his crew Trinity Warriors won the world title, beating a rival crew from South Korea.

“The origins will always be there, but it’s important that we move on too,” added Karam.

“I started breaking at the age of seven, and if someone had told me then that it was going to get into the Olympics, I’d have said they were bonkers.”

Breakdancing at the Olympics will put competitors in a series of head-to-head “throw downs,” with the winners determined by a panel of judges based on set criteria including technique, performativity and creativity.

Roxanne Milliner grew up as a promising trampolinist, winning a junior synchro world title and regularly competing against future Olympic medallist Bryony Page, before switching to breaking in her teens.

Now 32 and competing under the stage name Roxy, she is one of the most prominent B-girls in the business and has prior experience of the Olympics having been part of a troupe that performed during the opening ceremony for the Beijing Games in 2008.

For Roxy, the Olympics offer an unprecedented opportunity for breakdancing to showcase the athleticism of its top stars and move further away from those retro connections that are hampering its ability to attract new generations of talent.

“I’m coming to the end of my career and it’s great to see the opportunities this is bringing for breakers, to get respect from people in general rather than it just being seen as something you used to do as a kid,” said Roxy.

“I was one of the top breakers in the world for 15 years or so and I’ve never been financially supported, so this brings so many opportunities in terms of sponsorship.

“There’s been a lot of resistance and I understand why you want to maintain the authenticity of breaking, which is an art form and it is subjective, but I see it as two sides.

“There’s the sport side and the ‘real’ side where it started, and if you have a balance of both you will always be successful. Finding the balance is the key to it.”

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

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A break dancer performs at the Sprite Urban Games 2002, on Clapham Common, south London.
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165 days ago
Manchester, England
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This Sista Turned Down a RICH Nuclear Physicist Because He Was Boring...SMDH

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From: Oshay Duke Jackson
Duration: 8:55


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182 days ago
It's stunning how dumb women are, determined to chase "bad boys" into single motherhood.
Manchester, England
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